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short for Popular Operations,

POP-OP means no canned processes, no formulas. 

just people working in a spirit of service, with and for the people. 

Since 2009 POP-OP has delivered high-value learning experiences and original research to people in all types of organizations. Over the years we’ve had the privilege of working with some lovely people in interesting places. Download an A4 PDF one-pager on POP-OP.

Claudia Lieshout, Creative Director, Lifestyle Trends, Philips Design: 

We were inspired by POP-OP’s thorough qualitative research work. Their strong global network delivered material that felt authentic, from a local perspective. POP-OP has been a great partner, providing the right input at the right time: flexible, driven and open-minded.”

Monica Orcioli, Managing Director, Swarovski Latin America: 

Achei incrível. Precisamos de insights que nos tire da rotina e que agregue experiencias e network de relevancia. Leve e divertido. Adorei!”

Tim Ettus, COO, Sparks&Honey, Omnicom Media Group, New York: 

“POP-OP played a leadership role in architecting Sparks&Honey’s methodology for global cultural analysis. The framework POP-OP designed has remained at the foundation of our work with every client.” 

Heleen van Gent, Director, Global Aesthetic Center, AkzoNobel: 

“POP-OP has been a real asset to the AkzoNobel's Color Trends Collective, offering a fresh and deeply considered perspective on social trends. Many of our contributors are looking primarily at the design world for inspiration, so POP-OP’s contribution is extremely important in unlocking the larger global story.”

Deepak Chopra, author and integrative medicine pioneer: 

“Collaborating with POP-OP was a joy, and I highly recommend them. They managed to find the essence of complex material and present it beautifully, with no sacrifice of subtlety or depth. In addition, the visionary work I’ve seen from them has always been powerful and original.”

Chris Elam, Meatless Monday Director, Grace Foundation: 

“The proof is in the numbers. Blogs with weekly Meatless Monday features ballooned from 2 to nearly 100; where once there was 1, then there were over 50 Meatless Monday programs globally; and suddenly we had coverage with big media like the New York Times, USA Today, The Atlantic and Oprah. Thanks, POP-OP!”


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